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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
Price: 1500 USD

«On the clear ice of Baikal Lake» - photo tour

Date: January 15-21, 2018

Maximum number of participants: 15 persons

We invite you to one of the most fascinating travels around the winter Lake Baikal! Namely on the famous clear ice! Winter Lake Baikal is a real fairy tale that has come to life and now you can become its hero. The boundless pure ice of Lake Baikal, grottoes and caves with huge pointed icicles, ice splashes on the rocks, the unique phenomenon of "Soaring" stones (stones on the ice of Lake Baikal, holding on thin ice legs create the effect of weightlessness), cosmic icy patterns and much more!

At this time of the year, you can find amazing Baikal sunsets and dawns. Clouds, colored by sunlight and mountains, which will reflect in the mirror-like smoothness of the Lake and create the effect of watercolor.

On some bays of the Island, there will already be solid ice and you will be able to make stunning shots of the famous clear glass of Baikal ice. The main transportation will be on the hivus (hovercraft). But in places with sufficiently solid ice you can safely walk or skate!

You will be able to take part in shamanistic rituals, listen to the legends of the Olkhon Island, taste a variety of local Buryat and traditional Russian cuisines. Will taste fish and meat dishes. (If you are a vegetarian, please let us know in advance, we will prepare an individual menu for you).

The well-known travel photographer Eugeny Domanov every day will share with you the secrets of landscape photography and the subsequent post-processing of photos (postproduction).

For you, the best camera angles for shooting, the ideal time and route, in general, everything, and so that you can get not just pictures, but real piece of art!


Day 1

Meeting with guests at the Irkutsk airport (with an interpreter), a small city-tour and we immediately rush to Lake Baikal. It is recommended to prepare and charge the equipment in advance. Already along the way you will make good shots: trees in the snow, snow-covered fields with bright yellow haystacks, mountains.


Accommodation at the tourist base of the Maloe more of Lake Baikal. This will be the main point from which you can easily reach the different points of the lake on the hivus

Because it gets dark early in the winter, immediately after placement, briefing and safety instructions, you will have an evening photo session (based on the weather conditions, the location of the shooting is determined on the spot).

After the sunset shooting we return to the tourist base, have a dinner and rest.

Day 2

Breakfast. Dawn shooting in one of the grottoes of Lake Baikal. Travel to Cape Uyuga. The first rays of the sunrise, paint the inner surface of the cave bright red. Unforgettable fantastic views and photos are guaranteed.

Also we shoot ice splashes on the rocks and the famous Sarmi Gorge, painted with a delicate pink color, clearly reflected by the icy surface! Only here you will find a rare phenomenon, which can be found only on Baikal - "soaring stones".

Lunch, free time. Afterwards we go to the evening shoot to the island of Ogoy. The sacred island on which the Buddhist stupa of Enlightenment is located. This island is interesting with a lot of grottoes and ice caves, for you the best places for shooting. And the bonus of this place will be a "Dragon" on the sunset - a pointed rock, which ends the island.

Dinner. Free time.

Day 3

Breakfast and dawn shooting of the cleanest and clearest ice on the planet!

After the shooting, we return to the tourist base, have lunch and move to the Olkhon island - the heart of Lake Baikal! (transfer by hivus).

Accommodation in warm cozy hotel rooms. Evening sunset shooting of the legendary Shamanka rock. This is a sacred place, revered by shamans and local residents, where it is believed that the spirits of Baikal live! At sunset, the warm rays of the sun illuminate the rock; it will look fantastic in the reflection of pure Baikal ice.

If the weather is not too cold, we can stay at the rock for a while to make beautiful night shots of the starry sky and the Milky Way!

Return to the guesthouse, dinner, free time.

Day 4

Breakfast. Transfer by car to the northern part of the island. This morning is dedicated to shooting Baikal in a beautiful bay - Uzury, where even in cloudy weather you can make very beautiful shots!

Walking along the bay, shooting.

Return to base. Lunch, free time. Then we leave for the evening shooting in Peschanka. A special place where, against the background of icy ruined pier, you can observe incredible sunsets.

Return to the guesthouse, dinner.

Master-class on landscape photography. Free time

Day 5


By hivus we go to the most northern part of the island - the mystical cape Khoboy! An amazing place where you always get special shots. The cape is a huge winter steep cliff, with ice splashes, which are beautifully painted by the first rays of the rising sun, and which look especially majestic in the reflection of the clearest ice. Unique photos guaranteed!

On the way, back we stop on the Sagan-Khushun rock (Three Brothers). Another unusual and shrouded place.

Return to the guesthouse.

Dinner. Free time.

In the evening - sunset photography at the Shamanka rock at Cape Burhan. An unusual place different at every time. You can take photos every day and always get completely different ones.

Day 6

This day is completely devoted to the shooting of grottos, caves, all kinds of ice cubes and splashes. We will explore several islands and make a lot of fabulous shots!

After lunch, we will continue to explore caves and grottoes, do the very "delicious" shots at sunset!

Return to the guesthouse, dinner. Analysis of the footage, a master class for processing landscapes (postproduction).

Day 7

Breakfast, dawn shooting at Cape Burkhan


After lunch, the road to the ferry, return to Irkutsk. Accommodation in comfortable rooms of one of the best hotels in the city.

Day 8

Breakfast. transfer to the Irkutsk airport.

We recommend you to have wide-angle and long-focus lenses, a tripod!

The price includes:

transfer from Irkutsk airport to Listvyanka (Baikal)

accommodation on the ship

breakfast, lunch, dinner

tea, coffee, fruits - 24/7.

Photo guide services / Photography training

Translation services

Services of the captain and his team

All tours according to the program

Transfer from Listvyanka to Irkutsk

Overnight at the hotel.

Transfer from the hotel to the Irkutsk airport.

Do not include in the price of the tour:



Medical insurance


What to take with you from photographic equipment

Recommend to the participants of the tour to take a kit

14 mm or 17-40 mm

24-70 mm

150-600 mm (for shooting seals, bears and birds)

polarizing filter

Camera (2 pcs)

Canon 1 DX.

memory cards, better 16 GB and 32 GB (10-12 pieces), a laptop, spare batteries, a tripod, a photojack.

We will send a list of necessary clothes to each participant of the photo tour per email.

The weather at this time of year on Lake Baikal is changeable, it's hot in the daytime - in the evening it can be cold.

Our photo tour is designed for people of any physical activity and age, we will take pictures both from the side of the ship and from the shore, we will not have heavy and long pedestrian crossings, the route is very comfortable.

We guarantee unforgettable impressions and delight! You will want to come back again and again! Because there are no such places anywhere else in the world!


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