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Summer Magic

Summer Magic
Price: 5500 USD

«Magic of Lake Baikal» - a fabulous photo tour around Lake Baikal.

Date: June 1 - 10, 2017

Maximum number of participants: 14 persons

Join us on this unforgettable journey on a comfortable ship around one of the most beautiful lakes of the planet! We will cover thousand of kilometers, from the south to the northern point of the Lake, admire breathtaking mountains, rocks, crystal clear sky, incredible sunrises and sunsets, unique flora and fauna of the region, which exist only in this territory - this is only a small part of what awaits you.

At this time of the year the Siberian bear wakes up. All participants will be able to observe their walks along the shores of Lake Baikal at a safe distance and, of course, make unforgettable pictures of wild Siberian animals in a free nature. In addition to bears, you will see the real Baikal seal – symbol of the lake and the entire Baikal region. There is no person on Earth who would remain indifferent to it. A rare and unique representative of the Baikal fauna, which inhabits only here.

All our guests will be able to personally go fishing and catch grayling and omul – a fish that is nowhere else on the Planet. And the taste of the local fish soup is recognized by many, because its taste is not like any other fish soups. Our guests will also taste a variety of local Buryat and traditional Russian cuisines. Will taste fish and meat dishes. (If you are a vegetarian, please let us know in advance, we will prepare an individual menu for you).

Everybody knows, that Lake Baikal is shrouded in stories. For thousands of years legends were composed about the Lake. Indigenous people know and believe in the sanctity of this place, and it really is a place of power. Sacred Buddhist Stupas tell us about this, stone pyramids that fulfill the wishes, shaman trails and other marks, which speak of the rich and mystical energy of these places. Some of you will feel the blessed presence of the Spirits of place. It is important to be open to Lake Baikal and then He will bestow all the wonders and beauty, an incredible energy that will stay with you for a long time. A hereditary shaman - young and beautiful girl - will accompany us. Her rites are the opportunity to touch the mystery and beauty of the local culture.

The well-known travel photographer Eugeny Domanov every day will share with you the secrets of landscape photography and the subsequent post-processing of photos (postproduction). You will need laptops for this.

And now - a detailed route of our expedition! But in case of weather conditions worsening, the ship's captain can correct the route at his own discretion - this is for your safety.

The route:

Day 1

Meeting with guests at the Irkutsk airport (with an interpreter), a small city-tour after which we immediately rush to Lake Baikal, Listvyanka village, where the ship will be waiting for us. On our way we will visit the Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture and Ethnography. This is where your camera should be ready!

Embarkation, lunch, safety instructions. We begin our investigation of Lake Bakal from the bay Peschanaya, where amazing stilted trees are waiting for us and we will shoot the sunset. Dinner and free time.

Day 2

This morning we will devote to shooting of a beautiful bay, where at the dawn the sun will gently light the sharp rocks!

We wake up early, (tea/coffee), dawn shooting, breakfast. A walk along the bay, shooting.

We return to the ship and head to Aya bay.

After lunch we will analyze the footage, make post-production of the best photos.

In the evening we arrive to Aya bay, we are waiting for a sunset photography from a high point, from where a very beautiful view to Lake Baikal opens!

Dinner and free time.

Banya and swimming in the Lake. (optional)

Day 3

We wake up early, (tea/coffee), dawn shooting, breakfast.

Analysis of the footage, master class on landscape photography, lunch, rest.

And we are heading to one of the most amazing and interesting places in Lake Baikal – rookery of the Baikal seal in the Ushkany Islands. Here you will need a long-focus lens.

Seals shooting at sunset, dinner, transit to the eastern shore of Lake Baikal - to the The Svyatoy Nos peninsula.

Day 4

Arrival to Chivyrkuisky bay. This bay has always been famous for a very large pike (if you're lucky - we can catch and prepare this toothy fish)!


Bathing in hot springs, photoshooting, exploration of the nearby islands.

Lunch, rest, fishing.

Evening photoshoot, dinner, rest.

Day 5

Breakfast, photoshoot.

On this day we will continue our journey to the northern part of Lake Baikal, along the way we will be accompanied by beautiful mountains – Barguzinsky range. Photoshoot, fishing.

After lunch we will make the transition to the western side of Lake Baikal, analyze the footage, hold consultations on photography, you will receive answers to questions about photography and processing.

On the western side of Lake Baikal we will see amazing mountains - Cape Muzhinai, at the foot of which there will be a beautiful lake.

Dinner and free time.

Day 6

On this day we will have a very beautiful photoshoot of mountain tops covered with snow and painted by the dawn!

Early wake up, (tea/coffee), photographing of mountain lake at sunrise, breakfast.

We head to Zavorotnaya Bay, photography, fishing, analysis of footage after lunch.

In the evening - sunset photography, dinner, banya, rest

Day 7

Early wake up, (tea/coffee).

On this day we will shoot beautiful mountains at dawn, and in the evening we will arrive at the legendary Olkhon island, full of beautiful rocks, grottoes and mysteries!

After the breakfast- shooting from the boat, fishing, in the afternoon - workshop on photo processing (post-production).

In the evening: Arrival to the Olkhon Island. You will remember this day for a long time! You will be photographing the sunset, meeting with Baikal shaman who performs shamanic ritual near the fire for good luck.

Dinner, banya, rest

Day 8

This morning we will take pictures of the most sacred place, the very heart of Olkhon Island - Shamanka Rock.

Early wake up, (tea/coffee), shooting of the Shamanka Rock at the dawn.

Breakfast. Shooting of rocks and grottoes of the Olkhon Island.

Lunch, rest, analysis of footage.

In the evening: A visit of sacred Buddhist places, including the Buddhist Stupa of Enlightenment on the island of Ogoy. Dawn shooting at the Ogoy island. On this night, the full moon is expected and if we are lucky with the weather we will shoot the rising of the full moon out of the Stupa of Enlightenment. You will need long-focus lenses!

Dinner, rest, starry night sky shooting.

Day 9

This will be the last day of our incredible journey.

Early wake up, (tea/coffee), dawn shooting, breakfast.

If there is no strong wave - along the way we can take pictures of ancient cave paintings.

Shooting, lunch, analysis of footage.

In the evening we arrive to Listvyanka and land on the shore, where a bus will be waiting for us, which will take us to the hotel with booked rooms.

Day 10

Breakfast at the hotel, transfer to the Irkutsk airport.

Information about the ship

Motor ship "Baikal" was designed and built for cruising on Lake Baikal, it can accommodate 14-15 people in seven cabins.

The ship has a good seaworthy characteristics. Housing length, deadrise angle and high initial stability allow you to sail along Lake Baikal.

Ship complete with modern navigation equipment, allowing to make sail long Lake Baikal, including night-time.

There are all necessary appliances aboard the ship, two motor boats and fishing tackle.

On the motor ship "Baikal" is located 10 cabins, 6 showers, 7 latrines, baths, panoramic Wardroom with individual galley, dining salon for 20 seats, the main galley, upper deck solarium.

Passengers are placed:

three double rooms of luxury cabins (bathroom, shower, desk, wardrobe) with double beds;

in double two zone superior cabin (WC, shower, sofa, desk, wardrobe) with double bed (1600h2000);

three double cabins with twin beds, shared shower and toilet.

Panoramic Wardroom has TV audio video systems, coffee machine and a separate galley.

Salon in central part of the ship is equipped with a TV-cinema, Audi-video-karaoke systems, a bar for alcoholic beverages, tea table, comfortable sofas, a large dining table.

Trim of the vessel performed valuable breeds of a tree.

We recommend you to have wide-angle and long-focus lenses, a tripod!

The price includes:

transfer from Irkutsk airport to Listvyanka (Baikal)

accommodation on the ship

breakfast, lunch, dinner

tea, coffee, fruits - 24/7.

Photo guide services / Photography training

Translation services

Services of the captain and his team

All tours according to the program

Transfer from Listvyanka to Irkutsk

Overnight at the hotel.

Transfer from the hotel to the Irkutsk airport.

Do not include in the price of the tour:



Medical insurance


What to take with you from photographic equipment

Recommend to the participants of the tour to take a kit

14 mm or 17-40 mm

24-70 mm

150-600 mm (for shooting seals, bears and birds)

polarizing filter

Camera (2 pcs)

Canon 1 DX.

memory cards, better 16 GB and 32 GB (10-12 pieces), a laptop, spare batteries, a tripod, a photojack.

We will send a list of necessary clothes to each participant of the photo tour per email.

The weather at this time of year on Lake Baikal is changeable, it's hot in the daytime - in the evening it can be cold.

Our photo tour is designed for people of any physical activity and age, we will take pictures both from the side of the ship and from the shore, we will not have heavy and long pedestrian crossings, the route is very comfortable.

We guarantee unforgettable impressions and delight! You will want to come back again and again! Because there are no such places anywhere else in the world!


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