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Meet world renowned Russian photographer and traveler. Creator and participant of various photo exhibitions in Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, China, and Japan.

His work is appreciated in many countries around the world: United States, Canada, Portugal, France, Germany, Israel, Great Britain, Korea, and Russia, and the list is growing!

Evgeny is a winner and laureate of various Russian photo contests and competitions. At the present moment he is enjoying leading photo tours of the unique and mysterious lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world, located in the southern Siberia.

He is an author of unique photo tours "The magic of Lake Baikal", "Autumn palette of Lake Baikal", "Sacred Olkhon island in December”, and of course of a sensational tour "Transparent ice of Baikal". This particular video went viral on the internet and was also picked up not only by the dozens of Russian TV channels, but also by many news stations all over the world.

"I dont just love taking pictures - this is a way of life! Photography opens doors to the magnificent world of nature and teaches us to see the invisible! " says Eugene.

Photo tours with Eugene Domanov are always a journey into a fairy tale. You will not only collect unforgettable photos, but will also learn to understand the language of majestic siberian nature, have a glimpse into the mysteries of lake Baikal - and these are open to only a chosen few! 



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